Treatment of prostatitis with modern methods

Any disease that affects the prostate requires immediate treatment. If a man neglects this recommendation, very soon the inflammatory process present in his prostate will become chronic. Modern treatment of prostatitis allows you to avoid these problems. Doctors have developed effective methods that help to forget about this unpleasant disease.

Comprehensive treatment of prostate inflammation

The choice of one or another method of treating prostatitis directly depends on its form and severity of the course. In both acute and chronic lesions of the prostate, the first step is to get rid of the inflammatory process. Treatment of prostatitis in men is usually carried out in combination. This therapy includes a number of mandatory activities:

  1. Taking medication. These can be hormonal pills, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  2. Reception of fortified preparations;
  3. Reception of immunomodulatory agents;
  4. Participate in prostate massage sessions. The procedure is performed through the rectum. With the help of therapeutic massage, it is possible to solve the problem of stagnant processes in the abdominal cavity;
  5. Application of modern methods of physiotherapeutic treatment;
  6. Physiotherapy performance.
herbal tea for prostatitis

It is allowed to use in the treatment of remedies for prostatitis prepared according to the recipes of traditional medicine. In especially severe cases, patients receive surgical intervention. But this happens only in extreme situations, when more conservative methods do not give a positive result.

Features of drug therapy

Modern methods of treating prostatitis necessarily include the use of drug therapy. It consists of taking medicines that belong to different groups. Together, these tools can achieve a significant improvement in health.

How to cure prostatitis with medication? With inflammation of the prostate, the following groups of drugs are prescribed:

  • Antibiotics. Prostatitis in most cases is caused by pathogenic flora, which for some reason enters the male genitourinary system. In this case, it will not be possible to recover without the use of antibacterial agents. These drugs are prescribed only after the doctor receives confirmation of the presence in the patient's body of pathogens from the inflammatory process in the prostate;
  • Alpha-adrenergic receptor blockers. Drug therapy should not only relieve the inflammatory process of the affected organ, but also relax the muscles of the urethra and bladder, which are in constant tension due to the disease. For this reason, patients experience pain during urination. Appointment of such blockers is among the modern methods of treatment which have already managed to prove themselves on the good side;
  • Non-steroidal drugs. These funds are mandatory in the treatment of prostatitis. With their help, it is possible to quickly stop the painful symptoms and reduce the spread of the disease. It is advisable to take modern drugs from this group together with antimicrobial drugs;
  • Other drugs. In addition, the patient receives drugs that significantly improve the functioning of the veins located in the small pelvis. Due to this, stagnant processes in the genitourinary system are reduced. Also, taking medications that normalize capillary permeability will not interfere.

In some cases, drug therapy includes hormonal agents. With their help, you can treat patients with increased levels of estrogen in their blood.

prostate massage

Modern treatment of chronic prostatitis is not complete without massage therapy. It is also used in other inflammatory processes in the prostate. Massage can speed recovery. There are several options for such treatment. Most often, palpation of the prostate and exposure to it with special devices that emit magnetic waves are used.

Massage, in which the main effect is on a gland such as the prostate, is considered the most effective method of treating the reproductive system. With it, you can eliminate stagnant processes in the small pelvis, improve blood circulation and significantly reduce the spread of inflammation. Also, during massage, it is possible to remove the secret and pus accumulated in the gland.

Physiotherapy for prostatitis

Not only drugs for the treatment of prostatitis give a good result. It is possible to get relief from the condition of a patient with such a diagnosis by doing physical therapy. The most commonly practiced methods to influence the affected gland are:

  • Magnetotherapy. This procedure is widely used. It involves exposing prostate tissue damaged by the disease to a magnetic field. Due to this, the disturbed flow of lymph and blood is restored. It also improves the absorption of active substances that enter the patient's body during treatment with the means prescribed by the doctor;
  • laser therapy. During the procedure, the affected organs are exposed to laser radiation. Thanks to it, it quickly reduces the number of inflammatory processes in the prostate. In addition, due to this therapy, it is possible to activate tissue regeneration and restore impaired blood circulation;
  • microwaveAnother type of therapy, which involves the effect of heat on tissues. Using this method, it is possible to restore cells by accelerating their regeneration. After the procedure, the severity of painful symptoms decreases and the body begins to respond better to prostatitis medications.

This is not the entire list of currently existing methods that help in the treatment of prostatitis. In methods aimed at combating inflammation of the prostate, the use of acupuncture, therapeutic bandages and herbal medicine is also allowed.

acupuncture for prostatitis

Additional treatments for prostatitis

Many patients who want to get rid of prostatitis as soon as possible prefer the following methods of treating the disease:

  • Acupuncture. This method is widely used in oriental medicine. During the procedure, the specialist acts on biologically active points in the patient's body. All this makes it possible to normalize blood circulation in the prostate area, which was disturbed by the developing disease;
  • Introduction of stem cells. This is new in the treatment of prostate inflammation. Stem cells introduced into the patient's body reach exactly the part that needs immediate help. There they begin to actively divide and transform into healthy prostate tissue;
  • Hirudotherapy. This method involves the use of medicinal leeches. With their help, it is possible to improve the microcirculation of biological fluids in the patient's body, reduce the swelling of the gland and thin the blood. With prostatitis, it is customary to place leeches in the area where the anus is located;
  • Vacuum therapy. The procedure requires a special device. It is installed on a man's penis. It is he who acts on the body, forcing it to acquire the desired hardness. With the help of such therapy, an improvement in the patient's erectile abilities and the restoration of blood circulation in Organs pelvic organs is achieved;
  • Ozone therapy. Another effective way to deal with chronic prostatitis. During the procedure, an ozone-enriched healing fluid is introduced through the rectum into the patient's body. Typically, for such cases, a special saline solution is used. Ozone therapy helps restore the regeneration of diseased cells. It also has a bactericidal effect.

The latest methods of treating prostatitis make it possible to speed up the recovery process of a patient who has been diagnosed with this disease several times over. Prostate inflammation turns into a huge number of serious problems for a man that negatively affects his condition. The sooner he starts treatment, the more likely he is to return to his usual way of life. In addition, modern therapy aimed at eliminating the signs of prostatitis helps to prevent the occurrence of dangerous complications that can lead to the rupture of most organs of the genitourinary system. In that case, the patient will need more serious treatment, including surgery and a long recovery period.